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About Kait

Hello! That red head to the right, that's me, Kait! 


My photography story started in High School one Christmas when I got all bummed out when my father got my mother's Pentax Spotmatic restored for her. Not me, HER!! You see my dad has a sence of humor, he knew I wanted that camera, but instead he got me a new Canon 35mm SLR. I got over my tantrum pretty quickly once that gift was opened. What can I say, I was a teenager afterall, an awkward one at that so tantrums sometimes happened.


My preferred subjects to photograph while in High School and into College were mechanical and industrial micro still lives. I really liked to make the viewer have to think to figure out what they were looking at. Smaller pieces of a bigger picture. I did not, believe it or not, like people in my pictures. Must have been something about being that awkaward teen.


I still didn't like to photograph people even going through college. I had a few assignments in photography courses that required portraiture but I did what I had to do to pass then went back to shooting what I wanted to shoot. 


So what changed? 


I graduated college with a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Crime, Law & Deviance -- I THOUGHT I wanted to be a profiler. Turns out I was way to nice for that, and to do anything else within my degree I would have to go to more school or go to more school. Instead I decided to fall back on my minor in Art, actually I didn't choose it at all, I was a recent college graduate that was trying to pay my bills with a part-time job at Best Buy, which wasn't cutting it. So while shopping with my sister we stopped at the Sears Portrait Studio in the Bangor Mall where they had a "Now Hiring" sign up. They hired me on the spot! I worked with them off and on for about 8 years and this is where I realized that not only do I not mind photographing people, I actually LOVED it!



A year or so into my career at SPS I started to pick up outside gigs, things we couldn't shoot in studio. I photographed my first wedding on

07-07-07 and that is when KaitLavin Photography was born. 


I continued with Sears Portrait Studios working out of all of their Maine studios (except Presque Isle) and some of their New Hampshire locations as well ending as the Studio Manager in Portland. Then they closed their doors nation wide. It had been my 5 year goal prior to their closing to open my own studio, this was just the kick in the pants that I needed. A year and a half later I had purchased a building on Court Street in Auburn and started renovating (who am I kidding, it's the oldest commercial building in the city, I will be renovating until the building collapses or I do). 


On June 13th, 2014, Friday the 13th with a full moon (won't see that again until 2049) and a day after my 30th Birthday I opened the Court Street Studio of KaitLavin Photography! After a short stint at Photo Finish in the Mall (the thought of a regular paycheck really appealed to me) I moved back out on my own to be the captain of my own success! Currently the studio is located on the 2nd floor of the Court Street Building until I either sell it or the tenant downstairs moves out. I am excited to continue working with my clients in the Lewiston/Auburn area and to meeting new ones!